552861373qvmX.jpgDafydd Williams, born in a small town in Wales, began taking photographs at an undefined time several years ago. After a brief flirtation with digital cameras, he moved back to analogue cameras. As a self-taught amateur, he moved from 35mm and through medium format to large format cameras, learning along the way various developing techniques and working with a variety of processes.

In his work, he explores the themes of decay, fragility and the passage of time. He is also interested in capturing people living their lives and how they interact with their cities and towns. Dafydd has recently spent time documenting people in Poland, Italy, Sri Lanka and in his own Abertillery.

He is currently working with paper negatives and experimenting with instant films. He has built 2 field cameras, modified several smaller cameras and invented new ways to shoot Polaroids – including the first ever Polaroid swap with a fellow photographer in Vienna, Austria.

He recently self-published his first collection of photos.

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